Electronic Records Research 1997: Resource Materials

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Monash University
Department of Librarianship, Archives, and Records
Wellington Road
Clayton, Victoria 3168

Barbara Reed is currently a Senior Lecturer in Recordkeeping in the Department of Librarianship, Archives and Records at Monash University. The teaching of recordkeeping in this Department is based on continuum based thinking and the faculty have articulated and developed the records continuum model and are currently working on an overarching model of information behaviour - the information continuum. Within these models, the theoretic dimensions of information and records behaviour in the electronic world are being read back into the practices and methodologies relevant to the transition between a paper and an electronic world and into the methodologies which governed our actions in purely paper based systems.

Prior to joining Monash University, she spent over 10 years as a Director and Senior Consultant in a number of consulting organisations - Recordkeeping Systems and Records Archives and Information Management. Those organisations provided records and archives management services and consultancies to a variety of organisations in the government, corporate and private sectors, specialising in assisting organisations to manage the change from paper-based to electronic environments. As yet another member of the Australian Archives `gene-pool', Barbara has written and spoken in the Australian professional archives and records management environment.

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16 June 1997