Electronic Records Research 1997: Resource Materials

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David Bearman is President of Archives & Museum Informatics, a Pittsburgh-based consulting firm. Bearman consults on issues relating to electronic records and archives, and edits Archives and Museum Informatics: The Quarterly Journal of Cultural Heritage Informatics. Prior to 1986 Bearman served as Deputy Director of the Smithsonian Institution Office of Information Resource Management and as Director of the National Information Systems Task Force of the Society of American Archivists from 1980-82. In 1989 Bearman proposed Guidelines for Electronic Records Management Policy which were adopted by the United Nations Administrative Coordinating Committee on Information Systems (ACCIS) in 1990. From 1990-95, Bearman served as the principal consultant to the NHRPC funded research project at the University of Pittsburgh defining Functional Requirements for Evidence in Recordkeeping. He is the author of the 1994 book Electronic Evidence, the 1995 CD-ROM graduate course on Electronic Recordkeeping and over 120 other publications.

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16 June 1997