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Prior to joining Archives & Museum Informatics as a Partner in 1997, Jennifer Trant was responsible for Collections and Standards Development at the Arts and Humanities Data Service, King's College, London, England. As Director of Arts Information Management, she consulted regarding the application of technology to the mission of art galleries and museums. Her recent work as an independent consultant has included managing the Imaging Initiative, for the Getty Information Institute (then the Getty Art History Information Program. This included directing the activities of the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (MESL), participating in the development of imaging standards, and designing educational materials and programs. She also prepared the report of the Art Information Task Force (AITF), entitled Categories for the Description of Works of Art.

A specialist in arts information management, Trant has worked with automated documentation systems in major Canadian museums, including the National Gallery of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Architecture, where she developed and implemented common cataloguing standards for the Prints and Drawings, Photographs, and Archives Collections. She has been actively involved in the definition of museum data standards, participating in numerous committees and regularly publishing articles and presenting papers about issues of access and intellectual integration. Her current interests center around the use information technology and communications networks to improve access to cultural heritage information.

Trant chairs the Multi-Media Working Group of the Documentation Committee (CIDOC) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), and is on the Boards of CIDOC, and the International Visual Arts Information Network (IVAIN). She is also Editor in Chief of Archives and Museum Informatics: Cultural Heritage Informatics Quarterly, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, in The Netherlands.

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16 June 1997