Electronic Records Research 1997: Resource Materials

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National Archives of Canada
Records Disposition Division
344 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3

Sheila Powell is currently a Chief of Submissions and Appraisals in the Records Disposition Division of the National Archives of Canada (NAC). She supervises a group of information systems analysts who work with federal government agencies to plan the order in which their records holdings, including electronic records, will be disposed of and who help agencies prepare records disposition submissions (which include descriptions of electronic records systems) for the approval of the National Archivists. She also supervises the archivists who appraise these records systems. All but a very few of the records disposition submissions now received by the NAC include electronic records, and electronic records issues are an increasing preoccupation for her and her colleagues.

Her most intensive work with electronic records came when she was one of two project officers involved in a major study of the NAC's electronic records program, which is leading to a reorientation of their program as the twentieth century comes to a close. Throughout her ten years a the National Archives, she has also participated in the evolution of the NAC's electronic records program from a single organizational unit to an integrated approach involving every area of the institution. She is participating in the Working Meeting on Electronic Records in order to share the NAC's current efforts as it tries to develop its electronic records program, and to learn from the experience of other archives.

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16 June 1997