[A26] - Designing and producing digital replicas of cultural heritage artifacts
Lily Diaz-Kommonen, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Finland
Henrik Haggren, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
Mariana Salgado, University of Art and Design, Finland

Workshop: [A26] - Designing and producing digital replicas of cultural heritage artifacts

The workshop will cover the following areas:

1. Design: We will review design methods that can be used to create a digital surrogate. We will focus on examples from the cultural heritage domain such as the digital facsimile of the Map of México 1550. This is a digital surrogate that was used as part of the AZTECS exhibition held at the Royal Academy of Art in London, UK. It will be in Germany in the spring, when AZTECS opens at Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin.

2. Data gathering technique : In this section we will present basic photographic approaches and other data gathering techniques that can be used for 3D re-construction, such as photogrammetry and stereo photography.

3. User testing for cultural heritage institutions: In this section we will describe usability methods highlighting how the data from these tests can be used to generate design products. The goal is to reveal how on the basis of user test can be built digital tools that address different contexts of use.

Students will be required to submit a proposal of the work they want to do in the course. The proposal will consist of a one-page abstract containing the following information:

1. Name:

2. Institution:

3. Area of work:

4. Description of project in which the attendant desires to implement the knowledge acquired in the course:

The objective of this is to allow the instructors to prepare the lectures according to the needs of the students in the course.

Published: 09/01/03
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This conference is one of the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings (ICHIMs) held every two years since 1991. See for further details, and past Proceedings.


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