[A27] - Enterprise Information Architecture for Cultural Institutions: the Collection, the Exhibition, and the Web
Paul Kahn, France

Workshop: [A27] - Enterprise Information Architecture for Cultural Institutions

The value of publishing information on the Internet is in the combination of access and connections. While many institutions began with the concept of a single web site -- a home page linked to pages organized into sections -- this model is obsolete. Today the Internet presence of the Museum, Library, or Foundation exists in Enterprise Web Space, a combination of many web sites, databases of digital collections, publications, special exhibitions, membership and user information, and related digital resources.

To create effective Enterprise Web Space, we must apply information architecture principles, organizing the information we want to share in relation to the needs of our audience. Without effective architecture, the structure becomes unusable -- we cannot see what is available, we are lost, we cannot find what we need. The role of Information Architecture is a combination of information analysis and design, to identify and visualize structures that help users find and follow connections. To make these connections useful in our daily work, we must see beyond the limits of the web site and into the connection patterns of the information itself.

We will look at the four major elements of Web Space: web sites, applications, content collections, and user identity. We will examine several examples of Web Space: collections of scientific publications, national libraries, national and international cultural and museum associations, and large cultural institutions. In each case, we will examine how the elements of the Web Space are connected to bring value to the hypertext.

Published: 09/01/03
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