[A29] - ANTENNA AUDIO Master Class : The Wireless Museum/Le musée sans fil
Nancy Proctor, Antenna Audio Inc., United Kingdom
Titus Bicknell, Antenna Audio, United Kingdom

Workshop: [A29] - ANTENNA AUDIO Master Class : The Wireless Museum/Le musée sans fil

This Master Class examines the different elements - technical, conceptual, and creative - that must work together in an effective audio- visual tour using handheld computers (PDAs and web tablets) and wireless networks. In addition to analysing various approaches to tour experience, content and interface design, participants will have the opportunity to get 'hands on' familiarity with different portable devices and the basic principles of wireless network design and installation. Participants will be invited to bring their own experiences of digital media and collections management databases to the discussions in order to brainstorm solutions for integrating mobile audio-visual tours into their own sites. The Class will also examine other uses of this technology in the museum, ranging from exhibition installation and conservation reports to communications for security guards and docents.

The Class will cover the following topics, referring throughout to relevant case studies of early deployments of this technology in cultural sites and elsewhere, including the 2003 and 2003 Multimedia Tour Pilots developed by Tate Modern and Antenna Audio and outdoor applications such as Loch Lomond at Trossachs National Park in Scotland.

Why go wireless?

1. Appropriate uses of the technology

a. When you don't need wireless

b. Eye trap? The impact of the screen

c. Interactivity: Building communities and relationships among visitors and the museum d. Educational applications e. Costs and funding f. Future-proofing and scalability g. Museum applications beyond the multimedia tour

How does it work?

2. Portable audio-visual devices, including PDAs and Web Tablets a. Operating Systems b. Battery life and mass charging c. Ruggedisation d. Upgrading and obsolescence

3. The Wireless Network:

a. Hardware

b. Protocols: 802.11b, a, g, x; 802.16; Bluetooth

c. Design Principles (includes a demonstration of radio surveying)

4. Content Delivery and Applications, including:

a. Full-screen content display mode

b. Paging and Alerts

c. Bookmarking

d. Pre- and Post-visit experiences

e. Databases, including integration with the museum's collections management database

f. Links to other media in the museum

5. Location-based Services

a. IP-addressed Base Stations

b. Triggering: IR, RFID, Bluetooth

c. Signal Strength Triangulation

6. Personalisation engines and databases

What is the visitor experience?

7. Experience Design

8. Content Design

a. Software platforms

b. Principles

9. Interface Design

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Published: 09/01/03
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