Chana Moses
Researcher/Museum Studies
The Courtauld Institute of Art
Museum Studies
Lillian Penson Hall
Talbot Square
W2 1TT United Kingdom
Email: clm-art@rocketmail.com

Undergraduate Studies: University of Texas at Austin, Honors Humanities Program, August 1993. Graduated Studies: The Courtauld Institute of Art, London, MA, Museum Studies. Work experience includes Galerie Ferrero of France, Museum of Modern Art, NYC, Pace Gallery, NYC, Arthouse Texas Contemporary Arts, research assistant for the Attingham Trust Education Report to be written by Giles Waterfield, London, and research for the Central Registry- Looted Art Division, London.

Chana will teach [A31] - Museums and the Strategic Choice of Interactive Interpretive Tools

Published: 09/01/03
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