ZoomageTM : Super High Resolution Imaging & Visualization Tools
Anup Basu , University of Alberta, Canada
Afshad Mistri , Silicon Graphics Inc., USA
Irene Cheng , TelePhotogenics Inc., Canada

Short Paper: Short Paper 1: Restoration and Preservation

In this poster we describe and demonstrate our technology for creating super high resolution (SHR) & 3D digital content in a variety of applications including museum artifacts and galleries, archeology, anthropology, art design and heritage conservation. Our hardware can capture minute details of static scenes in a composite panoramic format with details surpassing the human eye. Viewing such SHR content is optimized through high end SGI workstations with specialized hardware that support smooth continuous zooming and efficient 3D visualization. We also propose an approach to storing SHR images for efficient retrieval over bandwidth limited networks, such as the Internet. Regions of interest (ROIs) specified by users are stored in multiple levels of detail hierarchy. This hierarchy can be created by analyzing the contrast, texture or other feature changes with varying levels of resolution and creating a hierarchy of ROIs. The depth of the hierarchy for a given ROI is determined by following the changes in the contrast (or other feature) gradient over adjacent levels. An implementation of the browser for Virtual Museums is also presented. In addition to browsing images, our software provides the ability to support "interactive story telling." As viewers interact with a picture using a mouse, the descriptions of objects in the scene appear depending on the location of the mouse & the level of detail in the scene. Finally, the Zoomage tools can be used by academic researchers for various applications including object recognition, digital archiving, accurate stereo reconstruction, and 3D visualization.


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Published: 01/09/01
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