SITUS a web based information system for archaeological sites
Marco Lazzari , ENEL Hydro SpA, Italy
Paolo Salvaneschi , University of Bergamo, Italy
Andrea Spinelli , IT&T s.r.l., Italy

Session: Tools and Systems: Geographic Information Systems

The paper presents the results of the project CORARC, funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Scientific Research, aimed at developing a Web based system, called SITUS, to support the management of information for archaeological sites.

The system supports, through a relational database and a GIS server, the archival and management of multimedia and cartographic data coming from a study of an archaeological site, and provides support functions for specialists.

The scalable architecture runs on a variety of configurations, from portable computers to a network with a data server and specialised clients for data acquisition and management, simulation, modelling.

The architecture is fully Web based over Intranet/Internet and the standard client requires only the availability of a browser.

The application is designed to manage a large spectrum of archaeological sites (from small excavation campaigns to large sites) and has been validated both in the global context of the archaeological site at Pompei and for a specific excavation campaign in the area of Pompei.

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Published: 01/09/01
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