Exhibiting in Shared Virtual Environments: Realistic 3D Museum Representation over the Web
Constantinos Davarakis , Silicon Technologies S.A., Greece
George Koutalieris , Systema Informatics, Greece
Fotis Karantzis , Silicon Technologies S.A., Greece
Tasos Harisis , Systema Informatics, Greece
Christos Douskos , Systema Informatics, Greece

Short Paper: Short Paper 2: 3D Worlds and Digital Environments

The work proposed in this paper is part of the development of an integrated environment for the exhibition of digitised museum artifacts. This environment will enable the realistic representation of the virtualised (i.e. digitised 3-D surrogates of physical objects) exhibits and the Museum's interiors. The system we are currently developing will enable geographically dispersed users to visit this virtual museum at any time inside a shared digital environment where they can meet, associate and interact with each other and the exhibits over the World Wide Web. Other services like general info and guidance for the visitors will also be implemented. This work is currently funded by the project "ANASTILOSIS" of the Greek Ministry for Development.


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Published: 01/09/01
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