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Alfredo M. Ronchi , Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Short Paper: Short Paper 5: Cultural Heritage: New Media and Education

The aim of this project is to provide a strong link between Culture and Education through the establishment of a trans European network of Cultural Heritage Education Centres delivering digital educational objects specifically designed accordingly to different user profiles ranging between pupils, students, mentors and tourists. Education institutions and professionals should be taken into account as well. Spreading knowledge, popularising the Cultural Heritage (both tangible and intangible) is the duty of all humanity. Developing a system that will achieve this task will have a big social impact, it will preserve natural and cultural properties of outstanding universal value and it will improve the quality of life of the European, more specifically , and the citizens of the world. In education, the teachers can have all needed supports for their teaching task, on the other side the students can found all the required help that will allow them to participate and to have more active role in the learning processes.

[ars.edu] will establish a Trans European Network of Cultural Heritage Education Centres. Such Centres should be both virtual and physical. The reference model inspiring the current project was originated two years ago on the occasion of the development of the educational web site named [louvre.edu]. The basic idea of this service, addressed to France market, was to provide copyright free customised content suitable for scholars and tutors. Com ments, texts were expressly written for this purpose.


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Published: 01/09/01
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