Museum of Natural Heritage: an Interactive Hypermedia Presentation
Mario Bochicchio , University of Lecce, Italy
Roberto Paiano , University of Lecce, Italy
E. Andreassi , University of Lecce, Italy
Tiziana Montanaro , University of Lecce, Italy

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A Museum of Natural Heritage is quite different from a traditional Cultural Heritage museum. In fact, most part of the contents of such kind of Museum are in a natural environment unlike the traditional museum that exhibits the contents present in their building. This kind of museum, managed by Universities, is also devoted to a larger non-expert public and to University students and researchers, therefore it requires different ways of communication. This requirement associated to the need to present the museum goals and activity, when it is still under construction, has driven us to develop an intermediate application (waiting for developing the final hypermedia application when the museum building will be finished) using a tool, named LEZI, usually adopted to develop interactive lectures, that requires minimal computer expertise in order to develop, quickly, educational multimedia applications based on interactive videos and e-documents.


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Published: 01/09/01
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