3.1 Principles of information architecture for the web
Paul Kahn , France

Session: 3.1 Understanding the principles of information architecture for the web

This tutorial reviews the principles of information architecture for the web. The instructor will present a series of information architecture problems common to all web sites. Examples will be drawn from current web sites with a focus on web sites for museum and exhibitions. Problems address include:

  • The need to organize information
  • The function of rhythm and patterns
  • Identifying patterns in information
  • Looking at the data behind the information
  • The key objectives of the web site
  • The overall structure of the web site
  • Matching the user's information requirements
  • Finding what can be communicated better on the web
  • The role and limits of interaction
  • Why would anyone know it's there?
  • Types of information to be linked

Examples will illustrate how these problems can be solved. Emphasis will be on the common problems and the variety of solutions.


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Published: 01/09/01
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