5.2 Color Management in Multimedia Cultural Artifacts
Raimondo Schettini , ITIM CNR- National Research Council, Italy
Silvia Zuffi , ITIM CNR- National Research Council, Italy

Session: 5.2 Color management in multimedia cultural artifacts

There has been a rapid proliferation in recent years of color-supporting devices. This, together with the evolution of storing technologies, has exponentially increased the number of museums and libraries that are digitalizing their archives for use in multimedia applications. The purpose of this tutorial is to shed light on the reasons why color is such a difficult factor to deal with in multimedia systems and on how, as things stands, we still can find ways to meet the requirements of applications regarding cultural artifacts.

Tutorial participants will be able to:

  • Understand the limitation of colorimetry, and the ways in which colorimetric quantities correlate with color matching, rendering, and perceived appearance.
  • Understand the basis operating principles of various color devices, such as scanners, displays and printers.
  • Understand the key issues for image maintenance and reproduction.
  • Fully understand of digital imaging chains.

  • Understand of color-managed systems (CMS) and related standards.


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Published: 01/09/01
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