Digital Preservation & Emulation: from Theory to Practice
Stewart Granger , University of Leeds, United Kingdom

Short Paper: Short Paper 1: Restoration and Preservation

This paper will explore issues around the idea of using emulation as a digital preservation strategy. The paper will begin by showing how emulation has a strong theoretical underpinning provided by mathematical logic and computer science. The concepts of a Turing machine and the Church-Turing thesis will be presented. The paper will not claim that the strong theoretical underpinning necessarily means that emulation is a practical, cost-effective strategy for digital preservation and the paper will examine how emulation could be used in practice. The issue of how emulators themselves may be preserved and what happens when an emulator needs to be replaced will be discussed. The pragmatic approach to emulation being developed in the CAMiLEON project ( will be presented and contrasted with other, more theoretical approaches.


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Published: 01/09/01
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