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Published: March 15, 2001.

Vendors of software, gateway sites, portals, consultants and technology developers featured their products in the Exhibition Hall at MW2001. On Thursday evening and all day Friday, conference attendees explored the latest tools and services available to help build and maintain museum web sites.
Adlib Information Systems
ADLIB Information Systems (AIS) has specialized in software for information and collection management in libraries, museums and archives for more than 20 years. With 600 customers in 20 countries, AIS has offices in the Netherlands, England and Australia, and distributors in several other countries.

ADLIB Museum is the professional, user-friendly application for museums. The catalogue module has built-in thesaurus facilities and image integration. Additional integrated modules include loans and image management. An Internet/intranet server module is also available, featuring extensive searching capabilities, such as thesaurus and index-based searches. More information is available at
Antenna Audio
Antenna Audio is the world's leading provider of award winning interpretive audio programs for museums, historic sites and national parks. We are committed to working with museums to enhance the experience of special exhibitions and permanent collections for a wide range of visitors. Antenna Audio programs can be customized for use on-site, on-line, and on mobile phones as well as other handheld devices. Our technologies include the MP3 random-access X-plorer™, the CD ROM Gallery Guide™, cassette and radio systems. Services include operations management, marketing, multiple-language translation, online audio-visual exhibition and collection previews as well as online museum stores.
Arius3D Inc. is a unique, content creation company based upon a proprietary and scalable technology. Arius3D creates the world's most perfect and repurposbale digital image content by capturing real color (independent of ambient light) and perfect geometry together. The result is photo realistic, 3D digital copies of real-world objects. The Arius3D technology has 6 patented and defensible technologies, developed through the National Research Council of Canada. They combine to form a laser based, digital capture system that captures true and exact registration of color and geometry simultaneously. At the end of the day, Arius3D "owns" the reality end of the spectrum. Currently, the Arius3D technology is the only one worldwide that produces digital color copies of objects with precision accuracy for color and geometry. Today's methods produce models that generally lack color and geometry of sufficient quality, requiring costly modeling efforts by artistic creators to render them acceptable for various applications.

If you want to define, establish, defend and grow the cross-industry global reference standard for 3D color imaging look no further than Arius3D Inc. Having secured an exclusive worldwide license to commercialize state-of-the-art, 3D color laser imaging technology, we're leading the way in creating true-to-life 3D digital content.
AXS Technologies
AXS Technologies - a revolution in ultra-fast data and image retrieval. You no longer have to choose between high-resolution pictures and download speed - you can get it all. AXS is accelerated imaging: a more efficient way to store, extract, and deliver high quality digital imagery. We develop the EyeSpy™ Image Server software to efficiently deliver high quality images online. Our technology increases the speed, clarity, and ease with which users view images.

EyeSpy is the fastest, most reliable way to serve up high-resolution digital imagery.
Better Light, Inc.
Better Light Offers the Best Value in Digital Capture

Investigate digital photography with Better Light's Digital Scanning backs. Their ultra-high resolution, wide color gamut, and outstanding dynamic range will produce an accurate digital rendition of any original, right down to the texture of the media. Ideal for flat art reproduction, sculptures, and use of the panoramic option for rollouts and QuickTime VR.

Better Light offers four models with image file size capability up to 549 MB (12000 x 15990 pixels; 24-bit RGB). Offering the best value in dollars per MB in high performance digital imaging, all Better Light digital scan backs can be upgraded to larger file capacity at a later date. Prices start at $10,000.
Bmotion Design
Bmotion Design is an interactive media design firm specializing in working with Museum Curatorial and IT departments to execute web sites, cd-roms, video and multimedia presentations. We strive to deliver our client's content and message in a clear, consistent manner across all media and platforms.

Bmotion can support your projects with, html design and programming, Java scripting, Flash and Director based tutorials and animations, video and audio production, commerce applications, collections digitization and database front end design.

Located in Los Angeles, our clients include: the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, St. Louis Museum of Art, the California Science Center and the Getty Museum.
The Bridgeman Art Library
The Bridgeman Art Library is the world's leading source of fine art images. Founded by Viscountess Bridgeman in 1972, the archive has grown to provide a comprehensive record of every aspect of human existence in the last two thousant years. Images range from the earliest cave painting to the iconic masterpieces of the Renaissance, and on to contemporary art and design. Collections represented include such renowned names as the British Library, the National Galleries of Scotland, Sweden and South Africa, and the National Galleries of France and Italy. The Library also represents major auction houses including Christies's Bonham's, Phillips Fine Art Auctioneers, Dreweatt-Neate and Agra Arts in Warsaw. Hundreds of new images are catalogued every week and further images are available through the Library's global network of agencies. To make the licensing process easier still, the Library acts as copyright agent to a growing number of artists and artists' estates. Picture users can view images and order online from the Library's website catalogue at Full registration is free and enables users to browse using an advanced search system, create image portfolios and see larger images for reference. Expert Picture Researchers, all art historians, in the London, New York, and Paris offices can provide a personal research service.
Corbis Corporation - "The Place for Pictures on the Internet" is the definitive destination for photography and fine art in the digital age. With 65 million images-2.1 million on line-it is the leading provider of digital images to the consumer, business, and creative professional markets. is the place where consumers can send e-cards, download personal-use digital images, and order framed and unframed prints and posters. The company also provides imagery to creative professionals in magazine, book, and newspaper publishing; advertising and graphic design; and Internet and new media publishing. Corbis is also the world's leading news photography agency. The company uses its extensive Internet technology to allow customers to quickly and conveniently access and purchase images. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Hong Kong, New York, London, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris, the privately owned company has approximately 1250 employees worldwide. For more information about Corbis and its products and services, call 1-800-260-0444, (425) 641-4505, fax (425) 746-1618, or visit the Web site at
Cuadra Associates, Inc.
See latest STAR/Museums application for collections management and information/image retrieval. All Cuadra STAR applications are "open", allowing for customizing menus and other elements for broad use throughout an institution. With the STAR search engine and state-aware Web interface, you can make your collection available from standard browsers, in-house or on the Internet, with customizable interfaces and links to your online vocabulary and finding aids. And, other applications are available to manage your library, archives, and general institutional paper and electronic records, all with the same certified (by CHIN and the DoD) STAR core technology.
Educational Web Adventures LLP
Educational Web Adventures is an award-winning Web developer that creates immersive, interactive, and in-depth adventures about art, science and history. Eduweb specializes in educational games, simulations and learning modules and brings broad experience in museum and K-12 education to the Web medium to produce exciting and innovative educational experiences. We offer complete Web development services, from concept design, research, and content and Web production.

Our, clients include the Arizona Science Center, Brookfield Zoo, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Colonial Williamsburg, Bell LIVE!, and the JASON Project.

"Best of the Web: Educational Use" by Museums & the Web 2000
Gallery Systems
Gallery Systems develops The Museum System (TMS) and EmbARK, the world's leading software for collections management. TMS is an easy-to-use relational database that includes a multi-lingual interface, an integrated thesaurus, full imaging and multimedia support. Protected Internet access for TMS collection records is available with eMuseum. EmbARK is a cross-platform, fully customizable collections management database, offering comprehensive cataloguing, loans, exhibitions and public access modules. Protected Internet access for EmbARK collections is available through the EmbARK Web Kiosk. Both products are CHIN accredited.
Ideum, Inc.
Ideum develops Web sites, print materials, CD-ROMs and exhibits for museums and other non-profit and educational institutions. We are educators, writers, media artists, and award winning designers who work closely with our clients to create media-rich educational experiences. Our Web sites have won numerous awards including the ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award (1999), three Webby Awards (1997-1999), Yahoo! Pick of the Year (1997), and the ASTC (Association of Science and Technology Centers) Innovation Award (2000).

Our clients include NASA, The Tech Museum of Innovation, the Exploratorium, and the Space Sciences Laboratory at UC Berkeley.

Introducing a unique, personalized multimedia experience. Imagine sitting at a computer and at the same time taking a stroll through your favorite museum or art gallery, zooming in on any item that catches your eye and listening to an expert explanation with music in the background.

Innovu's system captures every spatial detail of a given location, as well as every nuance of color and the interplay between light and shade, to generate a three dimensional environment of the original location. The experience is considerably enhanced by sophisticated integration of high quality images, zooming options, "hotspot" links and online shopping.

Museums, galleries, online shops, and entertainment enterprises can complement their web sites with a superb multimedia experience, bringing renewed interest in their content and enabling unprecedented web features. Museums and galleries, for example, can now prerecord high quality collections and temporary exhibits for future access.

Here is the complete end-to-end solution that spells a quantum leap for your web site. All you have to do is tailor the solution to your particular requirements. Innovu's state of the art technology is the key that opens the door to exhibits in their real form, true colors and precise shade... A new revelation.

KE Software Inc.
KE EMu is a full-featured collections management system designed to provide ease of access from small to very large collections. KE EMu manages all aspects of a museum's collection, management and other related information while providing extensive retrieval facilities within the museum and to external patrons via the Internet.
Luna Imaging, Inc.
Luna Imaging, Inc. enables museums, libraries and archives to build and distribute high-quality visual collections in digital form and provides sophisticated software to manage, access and use image collections over the Internet.

Our software is based on years of research and testing ways in which people use visual materials in their work. Insight client/server software provides unparalleled performance, flexibility and scalability.

Luna understands the mission and priorities of the cultural heritage community and can guide institutions through the planning stages of their projects, whether large or small. Since its inception in 1993, Luna Imaging has staked its reputation on creating high quality image collections of cultural heritage material for many of the most respected and demanding museums, archives and universities.
Online and off, Mediatrope builds interactive environments with creativity and great engineering.

Our products invite the end user to feel, play, and see for themselves how something works. The result is a sense of wonderment and the desire to learn more, to visit in person, or to purchase.

We've had many long-term clients, probably because we care so much about quality. We give you our full attention - one of our founders acts as the lead on every project. We want our customers to be happy.

Our clients are leaders in business, education, and the arts. They include Hewlett-Packard, Netcentives, Clicquot Champagne, American Automobile Association, AIA San Francisco, City College of San Francisco, the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, The Tech Museum of Innovation, and IDEO among others.
MINISIS Inc is a dynamic, world leader in providing software solutions to over 60 countries since 1975. Our core product line is centered around the MINISIS RDBMS which includes: the MINISIS database engine, an easy to use graphic interface to enable non-technical staff to develop databases, several pre-defined applications for archives, libraries and museums (among others) and a robust web interface to allow for exceptional public access. In addition, we are one of the few companies that possesses a wealth of expertise with BPR, change management, application analysis and design and experience with the complete System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for customized solutions. MINISIS Inc. is a Canadian internationally incorporated company with offices in Ottawa (Ontario), Vancouver (British Columbia) and Valencia (Spain). is the largest online collaborative of museums and their products in the world. We offer customized e-commerce solutions to 70+ museums and cultural attractions. Our partners include the Louvre, British Museum, Prado, The Israel Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, LACMA, The Vatican Libraries and Alcatraz.
Plumb Design, Inc. and Thinkmap, Inc.
Plumb Design, Inc. creates online experiences that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the interplay of ideas. Plumb Design Services provides strategic consulting , Web design, custom software development, and systems integration services for Global 5000 companies and major nonprofits, including a number of internationally-recognized museums.

A wholly owned subsidiary, Thinkmap, Inc., develops software tools such as Thinkmap Studio for navigating, displaying, and animating complex and interrelated information. Thinkmap technology is fundamental to the design and operation of acclaimed cultural and historical exhibitions, mounted online and in kiosks by the Smithsonian Institution, Seattle's Experience Music Project, Motorola, and Sony Music Entertainment.
When Image Counts - Zoom it!

Introducing the first enterprise class, resolution-on-demand image scaling solution that offers compression, storage, and delivery over your network or the Web -- with no loss of quality. The perfect solution for managers of large databases of fine art images.

Originated by an art historian, developed in Kyoto, exhaustively tested at C2RMF in the Louvre - VFZoom is proven in your world! Evaluations against leading competitors show faster encoding times, superior color fidelity, particularly for subtle color gradients.
Willoughby Associates, Limited
With over 850 installations, Willoughby creates the most widely used Museum Automation Systems in the world. We offer an integrated set of systems for centralized resource management, digitized imaging, public access (including the Internet), multimedia resource centers, and collections management. Willoughby offers three packages addressing the range and variety of the museum marketplace: Multi MIMSY 2000™, SNAP! for Windows™, and IO™. All three systems offer solutions to the challenges of managing the vast array of collections that museums store, exhibit, and conserve.
Zender & Associates
Zender & Associates is a well-established strategic marketing communications firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are known for our expertise in creating design excellence and providing unique, results-oriented marketing and communications solutions.

Founded in 1977, Zender & Associates is comprised of graphic designers, web developers and communications strategists who have extensive and varied experience in both print and electronic media, and all firm members hold degrees in their area of expertise.

Zender & Associates offers a range of creative services, including high-quality print design, Web site design and development, marketing and PR consulting, e-marketing, CD-ROM development, and interactive multimedia production.