March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Historic Preservation Learning Portal

Constance Ramirez, National Park Service, Department of the Interior, USA

The National Park Service has the responsibility to provide information and training on historic preservation to all agencies of the federal government in the United States. To reach the greatest number of federal employees and others working with federal historic preservation laws, the National Park Service developed an Internet portal that uses concept-matching software to assist in providing this information and training. To date, over 800 Web sites with information on historic preservation and cultural resources have been indexed into the site. Users can query in plain language, and searches can be saved and shared with other users. The Portal facilitates the search for information, particularly by the non-professional unfamiliar with the subject, such as persons trying to rescue cultural resources damaged by disasters. The Portal is being funded through contributions from more than 20 federal agencies, making it the largest historic preservation partnership in the federal government.

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Keywords: portal, historic preservation, cultural resources, partnership, concept-matching, plain language