March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Visualizing Complex Datasets for a Museum Audience

Lara Young, Indianapolis Museum of Art, USA
Robert Stein, IUPUI - Indiana University Purdue University at Indinanapolis, USA

For the average museum website visitor, museums could accept the challenge of providing a more engaging, intuitive way of navigating through collection databases than by simply having users enter search terms and receive in return a standard search results page.

Museums are asking themselves, "How can we reach audience and provide an engaging experience that translates to increased web traffic, memberships, attendance, etc.?"

Museums might explore possibilities of giving visitors (virtual and otherwise) visual access to complex datasets they can manipulate. Demonstrate the following interesting data visualizations:

Encourage sharing of other interesting data visualization sites; brainstorm relevance to museum collections.

Bibliography site that allows you to check out associative relationships between your favorite musicians and buy related products from and email any map to a friend

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Wattenberg, Martin, the Baby Name Wizard

Wattenberg, Martin, site exploring the works of Martin Wattenberg, including art, research and a bio

Weskamp, Marcos, explore many works, both data visualization and flash graphics.

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Keywords: data visualization, museum collections