March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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Three Museums at Ghost Ranch: An Enhanced Web-Linked DVD

Cheryl Muceus, Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu and in Santa Fe, USA

The Ghost Ranch (GR) Museums Enhanced Web-Linked DVD aims to connect the dots regarding the relationship between the museums as well as the significance each holds for GR and Northern New Mexico. The enhanced DVD demonstrates the uniqueness of each museum, what to expect at each site and the benefits and focus of each museum. The Ghost Ranch is a 21,000-acre ranch located 14 miles north of Abiquiu on US Highway 84. The GR Museums include The Florence Hawley Ellis Museum of Anthropology, The Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology and The Ghost Ranch Piedra Lumbre Visitors Center, all telling different parts of the Ghost Ranch story.

The Web-Linked DVD is an enhanced, interactive DVD playable on a consumer model DVD player or a computer with a DVD player built in and internet connection. The Florence Hawley Ellis Museum includes extensive displays, which are designed to tell the amazing story of twelve thousand years of successive habitation of the Gallina-Chama-Rio Grande drainage by peoples of different ethnic makeup and cultures. The enhanced web-linked DVD displays the contemporary work by Indian, Spanish and Anglo artists and artisans who carry on the traditions of the peoples that have inhabited this area. The museum is named for the late Dr. Florence Hawley Ellis, long time professor, University of New Mexico. Dr. Ellis initiated and led Ghost Ranch archaeology excavations from 1971 until 1990.

The Ruth Hall Museum of Paleontology is known worldwide among paleontologists as the location of the articulated fossils of the Coelophysis, as well as being one of the richest quarries of the Triassic era, which began 220 million years ago. The museum's displays range from a complete Coelophysis cast skeleton to remains from great alligator-like reptiles. A technician is currently at work on a large block taken from the quarry on GR where Coelophysis was discovered in 1947. A digital movie of this work is available on the enhanced DVD along with embedded links to abundant references to the GR dinosaur — Coelophysis, the NM state dinosaur, on the websites of the New York Museum of Natural History, New Mexico Museum of Natural History & London Museum of Natural History Museum, and many more coupled with the paleontology research and intergenerational workshops offered in Abiquiu, NM, at Ghost Ranch. The Ghost Ranch Piedra Lumbre Visitors Center, aka GR Living Museum owned by GR until the 1970's, extends the story of the tri-cultures of Northern New Mexico, her land and people.

The Ghost Ranch (GR) Museums Enhanced Web-Linked DVD brings together the worlds revealed by each museum and the abundance of links world wide to educational efforts sparked by this inspiring place.

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