March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico




GreenRiver.org is a Vermont-based company developing and hosting open source software to promote learning opportunities for all students, public health for those in need, and a sustainable ecosystem.. We have developed a virtual tour of energy efficient buildings for the US Department of Energy and the American Institute of Architects. We have developed an online classroom simulator and automated essay evaluator for the US Department of Education. Other samples from our portfolio include software to teach music composition online, an application for the New England Youth Theater, and an interactive gallery for the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

Sway Design is a New York-based studio that plans, designs and creates websites, interactive brands and online educational content. Our team offers an integrated approach to Web development, combining traditional print-media services such as branding, collateral and promotional materials with interactive capabilities such as comprehensive website creation, online learning interface design and rich-media production.

Our clients come from a variety of backgrounds, and range from small businesses and arts organizations to not-for-profit institutions and universities. We have created arts and education projects for United Way of America, Bass Museum of Art, PBS, ITVS, Foundation for Contemporary Arts and New York University.


Michael Knapp
Managing Director
139 Main Street
Brattleboro VT
05301 USA