March 22-25, 2006
Albuquerque, New Mexico


ADLIB Information Systems

Adlib Information Systems (AIS) specializes in developing and distributing software for Museums, Libraries and Archives. The Museum application is based on international standards for the management of museum information and procedures such as Spectrum and CIDOC. It can effortlessly be combined with archival collections and/or libraries. AIS supports "open data standards" such as SQL, ODBC, XML, Z39.50, SRU and OAI. The latest software runs on SQL-Server and Oracle. AIS also provides ASP-solutions. Currently AIS is used at 1600 institutions (700 museums across Europe) in more than 20 countries. Furthermore AIS distributes Adlib Museum Lite free of charge.


Bert Degenhart Drenth
Managing Director
ADLIB Information Systems
Reactorweg 291
3542 The Netherlands