Speaker: Kurt Stuchell
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Kurt Stuchell

Museum Pods
60 Wendell Street, Suite 3
Cambridge MA
02138-3701 USA

Kurt Stuchell is a master's degree candidate at Harvard University on the Museum Studies Program and Founder of MuseumPods. Kurt has undertaken significant work with the development and implementation options of podcast technology in museums to support access and marketing strategies. He has been researching "Implementation Options for Podcast Technology in Museums" and will illustrate how implementation scenarios for museums considering podcasting projects range from programs which rely on a single aspect of the technology to broad-based programs which incorporate multiple, interrelated facets of the technology to more fully leverage the podcasting platform in an integrated manner. The smorgasbord approach of picking which aspects of the podcasting technology work best together within the context of a particular project affords museums greater implementation flexibility, thus lowering the barriers to entry for museums to explore use of the technology. Museum podcasting implementation options - singular, holistic or hybrid – include digital device rentals, web site RSS feeds, on-site download kiosks, podcast retail products, podcast directories, and search engines. Kurt will be preparing his demonstration in audio/video XML podcast format and will be available for delegates during the days of the conference on their hand-held PDA, iPod, or iTunes.

Kurt will demonstrate Harvard Masters Series: Access all areas. [Demonstration]