Speaker: Frederick Gey
April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

Speakers: Biography

Frederick Gey

Information Scientist
University of California, Berkeley
UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance (UC DATA)
2538 Channing Way, #5100
Berkeley CA
94720-5100 USA

Dr Fredric C. Gey has a Ph.D. in information science, 1993 and an M.A.in mathematics, 1964, from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S. with distinction, in mathematics, 1962, from Harvey Mudd College.

He is an Information Scientist at the UC Data Archive & Technical Assistance center at the University of California, Berkeley (http://ucdata.berkeley.edu) . He has substantial experience in designing improved access to geographically coded numeric databases, in cross-lingual text retrieval, and in evaluation methodology.

Recent activities include being co-manager of social science and health statistics databases for the UC Berkeley Campus; metadata consultant for unique online digital libraries of Census data available on the web at http://countingcalifornia.cdlib.org; PI and project manager for preservation and archiving of historical census data (historical census rescue); member of the Expert committee of the DDI Alliance, a consortium of social science data archives working on a common standard for XML representation and archiving of numeric Social Science data; and Workshop co-chair for the SIGIR-2002 workshop Cross-Language Information Retrieval: A Research Roadmap http://ucdata.berkeley.edu/sigir-2002.

In recent years he has worked with Michael K. Buckland and Ray R. Larson Fredric C. Gey on a series of projects, including "Searching Unfamiliar Metadata Vocabularies" (funded by DARPA) and four IMLS National Leadership grants "Seamless Searching of Numeric and Textual Resources," "Going Places in the Catalog: Improved Geographic Access," "Support for the Learner: What, Where, When and Who," and, currently, "Bringing Lives to Light: Biography in Context."

Frederick will demonstrate Access to Heritage Resources using What, Where, When, and Who. [Demonstration]