April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California


Luna Imaging Inc.


Luna Imaging is an industry-recognized leader in software and services for visual collections. Luna enables institutions to build and distribute high-quality visual collections in digital form and provides sophisticated software to manage, access, and use image collections over the Internet.

Luna's insight® software is an enterprise solution for accessing and managing digital content. Unique to Insight is the combination of a rich toolset for searching, retrieving, and display of images and multimedia, as well as associated data records.

The Luna name is synonymous with building high quality digital resources. Our professional practices for image fidelity and consistency have become the standard for digitization within the cultural heritage community. Luna's production process includes services beyond the scope of typical scanning vendors, creating lasting digital archives.


Nancy Harm
Eastern Regional Sales Manager
Luna Imaging Inc.
2702 Media Center Drive
Los Angeles CA
90065 USA