April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California


Virtual Gallerie, LLC (VG)


Virtual Gallerie provides leading-edge 3D visualization software for exhibition space planning, online exhibition tours, sponsorship sales and curatorial education in the artistic communities. The company's specialized product lines empower exhibition and building planners to visualize their creations online in interactive 3D and share that vision with their peers and the public. VG fulfills its customers' needs by enhancing the curatorial and architectural design process, reducing exhibition planning costs and processes, improving the visualization of exhibits, and enabling cross-departmental collaboration. The Company's applications include VG Curator for exhibition planning and curatorial education and VG Walkthrough for online museum walkthroughs & fly-bys and potential sponsor and donor visualization tools.


Jordan Klineman
Virtual Gallery
335 Powell Street
14th Floor
San Francisco CA
94102 USA