April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California


Armadillo New Media Communications


Armadillo New Media are launching the Turning the Pages Toolkit at MW2007.

Libraries are now starting to digitize their collections but

  • how do they provide meaningful, engaging access to this content for broad audiences?
  • how do they provide useful tools for study and research around the content?
  • how do they scale to produce the size of online library that becomes truly useful?

Developed with the British Library, Turning the Pages is a next-generation hosted web application that allows libraries to build compelling 3D online libraries complete with a powerful set of tools, in an environment that allows them to publish a book in minutes.

Building on the award-winning previous versions of Turning the Pages, the Toolkit offers a cost-effective and easy to implement solution for any library or museum.


Michael Stocking
Armadillo New Media Communications
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