Speaker: Shelley Mannion
April 9-12, 2008
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Speakers: Biography

Shelley Mannion

University of Lugano
Grienbachstrasse 38
6300 Switzerland

Shelley Mannion is a researcher and recent graduate of the TEC-CH program at the University of Lugano (Switzerland). Before returning to academia in 2004, she worked for nine years as a Web designer and developer for Internet startups in Europe and North America. She founded and managed the Web department of a Dutch Internet software startup during the Wild West days of the Web. She also designed and built database-backed Web sites for clients in corporate, governmental, and non-profit sectors. She has done extensive work for the Tibetan exile community, creating several Web sites for a variety of organizations and groups. At the University of Lugano, Shelley works as a teaching assistant for the newly established TEC-CH (Technology-Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage) program. In 2005, she received the Network USImpresa scholarship for academic performance. Shelley is currently conducting research for the Rubin Foundation on social tagging of Himalayan art on the steve.museum platform. Other research interests include: best-practices in teaching museum multimedia, the relationship between ethnographic museums and native communities, and the impact of participatory technologies in shaping the future museum. Shelley holds a BA in Art History and Computer Science from Smith College in Massachusetts.

Shelley will present Seeing Tibetan Art through Social Tags. [Paper]