Museums and the Web: An International Conference
Los Angeles, CA, March 16 - 19, 1997

Collections Inc.

4 Triad Center, Suite 800
Salt Lake City, Utah 84180
Phone: 801-575-6506
Fax: 801-575-6507
Email: museum@intercollect.com

Collections-Museum is an innovative and affordable solution to every museum's collection management needs. From fine arts to natural history, diverse collections can be systematically organized within our template format. Collection related activities from loans and acquisitions to media management are executed independent modules which update, communicate, and disseminate object information from one central location.

A museum's registrar, curator, director and volunteer all have specific responsibilities with distinct security needs. To accommodate this, Collections-Museum offers easy-to-use, stand alone modules designed to streamline the collection management process. These modules, which include everything from inventory control to conservation and exhibition management, immediately update object information stored within a communal database.

World Wide Web technology is the simplest and most secure way to disseminate information among a diverse set of users, both inside(Intranet) and outside (Internet) a museum. Collections-Museum provides an out-of-the-box Public Access Window which offers users controlled access to live information on the Web or within a museum's system. This feature virtually eliminates the need for costly, time consuming Web page revisions and updates.

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