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Los Angeles, CA, March 16 - 19, 1997

Digimarc Corporation


521 SW 11th Avenue, Suite 200
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: 503-223-0118
Fax: 503-223-6015
Email: info@digimarc.com

Digimarc (TM) Corporation is a Portland, Oregon-based company specializing in the development of digital watermarking products and technology. Its patent-pending technology gives images a persistent digital identity to enable copyright communications and author attribution, as well as contribute to the infrastructure for electronic image commerce. Current products include: PictureMarc (TM), which is bundled with Adobe Photoshop 4.0, CorelDRAW 7, and Micrografx PicturePublisher; ReadMarc (TM), a stand-alone Digimarc watermark reader; and MarcCentre (TM), Digimarc's on-line locator service.

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