Museums and the Web: An International Conference
Los Angeles, CA, March 16 - 19, 1997

Mississippi State University School of Architecture

240 Giles Hall, PO Box AQ
Mississippi State, Mississippi 39762-5541
Phone: 601-325-2541
Fax: 601-325-8872
Email: ccalvo@sarc.msstate.edu

The Digital Research and Imaging Lab of the School of Architecture at Mississippi State University will be displaying work resulting from its collaboration with the BioVisualization Lab, and the Office of Imaging and Photographic Services of the National Museum of National History, of the Smithsonian Institution. This work, known as the Digital Darwins project, was developed as part of the Smithsonian's Natural Partners Initiative which is making the collections and scientists of the nation's museum accessible through telecommunications technology. The Digital Darwins project involves the delivery of three-dimensional museum objects via the Internet. QuickTimeVR, VRML and related technologies are used to allow the viewer to interact with objects ranging from fossil hominid remains to archaeological artifacts. Data is collected and images are generated, using laser scanning of actual specimens, as well as digital photography, to produce research quality material. Charles Calvo, Director of the Digital Research and Imaging Lab, and Carl Hansen, Branch Chief of the Office of Imaging and Photographic Services, will be available to demonstrate the technologies and answer questions.

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