Speaker Biographies

Museums and the Web: An International Conference
Los Angeles, CA, March 16 - 19, 1997

Michael Vulpe

Michel Vulpe is the CEO and Founder of Infrastructures for Information Inc. After a successful career as a technology consultant to organizations as diverse as the Smithsonian Institution, OCLC, and the Vatican he founded Infrastructures, "i4i"in 1993. It now employs over 20 people, licenses it technology world-wide, and is the holder of fundamental software patents. Infrastructures is a Canadian independent software manufacturer. Its flagship technology is the S4 technology. S4 is "middleware" that provides to application developers the ability to embed SGML into their systems in a seamless manner. The S4 technology has been successfully embedded in products as diverse as MS-Word, FrameMaker, PowerBuilder, Sybase, Oracle, Adobe Acrobat and FormFlow. In his spare time Mr. Vulpe has been the author of numerous papers on electronic documentation. He is the author of E-36, the semiconductor industry standard on electronic document interchange. In addition to working industry standards he has spoken and written extensively on the next generation of electronic information manufacturing.

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