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Published: March 1999.


Panel Discussion on Audiences, Artists and Museums in the Digital Age

Steve Dietz , Walker Art Center, USA
Randall Packer , San Jose Museum of Art, USA
Carl DiSalvo , Bitstream Underground, USA
Peter Walsh , Davis Museum and Cultural Center, USA
Sarah Schultz , Walker Art Gallery, USA

Session: Shock of the View

From September 1998 - March 1999, the Walker Art Center, in conjunction with the Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, Rhizome, the San Jose Museum of Art, and the Wexner Center for the Arts, produced 9 exhibitions comparing a museum object or activity with a virtual work, along with an accompanying online listserv. The panel will examine the process of this collaborative effort and explore the results and their implications for museums' online programming. Topics to be covered include: --the planning process: strategies to ensure ongoing vitality of a project over time --collaboration among many different stakeholders from differing institutions to curators, educators, artists, and the public --exhibiting art online, specifically, comparing strategies for the presentation of real objects in virtual space with works designed for the internet --the "museum without walls"--how effective was the listserv discussion, especially in comparison to other traditional museum practices, such as lectures, guided tours, on-site "salons," etc.

Panelists include: Steve Dietz, Director of New Media Initiatives, Walker Art Center, moderator

Carl DiSalvo, artist. Carl worked with Walker to help ogranize the project and moderate the listserv. Carl will discuss the workings of the listserv and represent the artists' point of view, as therein expressed.

Randall Packer, Director of Multimedia, San Jose Museum of Art. Besides coordinating San Jose Museum of Art's participation in the project, Randall curated Exhibition 8, sited and online versions of Joel Slayton's "To Not See a Thing" (with C5) and will focus,in particular, on the similarities and differences between the two projects.

Peter Walsh, Director of Information and Institutional Relations, Davis Museum and Cultural Center. Peter will talk about Wellesley's experience with putting Shock of the View in the galleries and their experience trying to integrate it into existing and ongoing campus-wide discussions. Peter also curated part of exhibition #2.

Shock of the View can be seen at: