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Published: March 1999.


Revising the Finnish National Gallery’s Web Pages

Eija Liukkonen , The Finnish National Gallery, Finland
Riikka Haapalainen , Finnish National Gallery, Finland

Session: Time for Renovations

Three years is a long time on the Internet, even for a museum. When the Finnish National Gallery launched its web pages in 1995, the Internet was still relatively new and future developments were hard to predict. As the use of the Internet continues to expand, the situation looks clearer: electronic communication has become an important and permanent part of museum work. The Finnish National Gallery is currently in the process of revising the style and structure of its web pages. In the first version of the web pages, emphasis was placed on the history of the Gallery and its collections. The overhaul aims to spruce up the visual appearance of the web pages, and to clarify their structure by presenting the different parts of the Gallery as distinct entities that complement one another. For example, the work of the Conservation Unit, generally unknown to ordinary visitors, is to be illustrated through words, images and animation. Similarly, the collection and work of the Central Art Archives will be presented in depth on the Internet. The revised web pages can be found at the old address (, and they are available in Finnish, Swedish and English. The revised site makes use of the latest Internet specifications, including Cascading Style Sheets and HTML 4.0 (Hypertext Markup Language). The Finnish National Gallery Home Page: More about revising the Web Pages: