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Published: March 1999.

Best of the Web

Best Museum Research Site

Any web site that supports research on museum collections and provides excellent resources for researchers from any discipline. This category can be distinguished from an educational site in the level of depth of information presented and the independence of the users from the interpretive and instructive purposes of the museum.
  • Depth of research data and provision of excellent search engines

  • Well-designed presentation of retrieved data and tools to manipulate information once retrieved

  • Support for researchers to record their own information/interpretation of collection data, and perhaps to communicate with others involved in similar research

  • Metadata designed to enable inter-operability and support for information to be downloaded for subsequent research uses

  • Support for research uses by non-specialists (adults in the community researching family history, enthusiasts of all ages interested in the identification and classification of ancient artefacts found in their property or in the countryside, etc.), as well as by subject experts.

  • Subject gateways and multi-site indexes that offer the researcher a unified view across many individual sites.

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