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Published: March 1999.

Best of the Web

Best Educational Use Site



"Easy to use search engine, good design, ability to search all types of museum resources and integration of different media (books, images, objects, etc). Ability to zoom in the pictures. The ArtsNet Minnesota looks like a great resource for arts educators."
- Maria Economou

"Fabulous. Big. Slick. ... My evaluation here takes into account the extensive linked content from both partner institutions, since it is all well 'connected'."
- Greg Van Alstyne

Honorable Mention:

Louvre EDU

"Unbelievable amount of high quality information about the Louvre collection and the library. CD-ROM like navigation, very calm and good design. Audio explanations on objects. Navigation through database interfaces or graphic interfaces. I'm really very impressed! ... this site is cutting edge technology combined with rich content and all the multimedia possibilities, the internet has to offer today. Rich, clear, very good use of the medium, professional programming and design.
- Norbert Kanter

"The content is there in great quantity. Overall my impression is: "this is the future". In many ways, including that perhaps it is ahead of its time. But I like what I see. ... Image quality is superb, audio ditto. Linking between works and the respective gallery is smooth, and valid for this museum, which is a work in itself. But by taking over the screen, nixing the "back" button, ubiquitous frames environment, etc, some of what we value about the Web is lost. The site should give back some control to users. But I found it very intuitive and absorbing very nearly all the time."
- Greg Van Alstyne

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