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Published: March 1999.

Best of the Web

Best Overall Site

Walker Art Center

"If one starts at the Home Page, beyond content, navigation interface and implementation, he or she is experiencing an interactive statement conveying that this site is about creating a mentality of how to experience and perceive a virtual space. The collage of "BITS & PIECES PUT TOGETHER TO PRESENT A SEMBLANCE OF A WHOLE" hints to the fact that the space to be entered is an experience of bringing together scholars and creative performers who have already - in their own distinctive ways - taken a path that leads to multidisciplinary presence. Walker, in bringing them together, invites the visitor to participate in a dialogue between different attitudes, and to integrate the more relevant insights into a new perspective. All The "Bit & Pieces" of the site have a special space for Introduction, Interviews and reactions.

But the opening collage can be looked in other ways: BITS & PIECES corresponds to Collections + Resources, PUT TOGETHER - Education + community, TO PRESENT - Artistic Programs, A SEMBLANCE - Gallery 9, OF A WHOLE - General Information ...

Walker' Art Center's site is one of the online resources that is definitely a different approach! "
- Kati Geber

About the web site that Walker developed in conjunction with the exhibition "Joseph Beuys: Multiples":

"Special: the consistent, significant interplay between information spaces and the "growing" metaphor versus "building" for the web, suggested by terms like "harvest", or "sow" ! Here, the viewer, the participant is not considered as a feedback mechanism."
- Kati Geber

About the "Gallery 9" part of the Walker web site (a site for project-driven exploration, through digitally-based media, of all things "cyber"):

"A forum for Media Artists and their web based projects. Exists only online and therefore makes perfect sensible use of the medium. ... Design, navigation etc. fully approriate."
- Norbert Kanter

About "Shock of the View", the six-month online "salon" hosted by the Walker Art Center (in association with the a number of other institutions) that explores the similarities and differences between "old" art practices and "new" digital work:

"I wonder how they do it, to manage so many online media art activities. But again it's a perfect use of the medium - challenging people to change ideas, projects and opinions. ... The extensive use of links from text to image information is remarkable."
- Norbert Kanter

"I find it utterly engaging and suberbly executed. ... high level of discussion. Extremely good ideas abound, from the basic premise of placing the real and the virtual in juxtaposition, to the collaborative multi-institutional framework, to use of invited contributions as well as open discussion with viewers."
- Greg Van Alstyne

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