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Published: March 1999.


Jonathan Bowen

University of Reading
Department of Computer Science
Whiteknights, P.O. Box 225
Reading Berkshire
RG6 6AY United Kingdom

Jonathan Bowen is a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Reading where he leads the Formal Methods and Software Engineering Group. Previously he was a senior researcher at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. He has worked in the field of computing in both industry and academia since 1977. His interests include formal methods, safety-critical systems, the Z notation, provably correct systems, rapid prototyping using logic programming, decompilation, hardware compilation, software/hardware co-design and on-line museums. He holds an MA degree in Engineering Science from Oxford University.

Bowen won the 1994 IEE Charles Babbage Premium award and managed the ESPRIT ProCoS-WG Working Group of 25 European partners (1993-1997) on Provably Correct Systems. He has produced over a hundred publications and seven books, and has served on fifteen program committees. He is the Chairman of the Z User Group and a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM. In 1997, amongst other activities, he has been conference chair of the 10th International Conference of Z Users (ZUM'97, University of Reading, UK), honorary chair, workshop presenter and invited speaker at the 1st Museums and the Web Conference (MW97, Los Angeles, USA) and an invited speaker at the 3rd International Conference on Reliability, Quality and Safety of Software-Intensive Systems (ENCRESS'97, Athens, Greece). He was a workshop and paper presenter at the 2nd Museums and the Web Conference (MW98, Toronto, Canada) and program co-chair of ZUM'98 (Berlin, Germany).

Jonathan presented Building Your Own Web Site
Jonathan presented Selecting Advanced Features for Museum Web Sites
Jonathan presented Time for Renovations: A Survey of Museum web Sites