In May 1997, Archives & Museum Informatics organized a 'Working Meeting on Electronic Records'. This invitational meeting brought together 57 researchers and practitioners from North America, Australia, and Europe to explore the state of current research in detail. Workshops enabled attendees to better understand each others' views in order to identify outstanding issues and promising approaches to future research based on research that had either been completed or was underway. The ultimate goal of the Working Meeting was to develop highly specific research agenda items that can be used by research institutions and other organizations to move the field forward in its ability to effectively capture, maintain, and use electronic records.

Table of Contents

This CD-ROM contains the presentations made at the meeting (see "statements" organized as links to the meeting overview) and background documents brought to the meeting by attendees (see the bibliography for a complete list). Many of these documents can be browsed in HTML on the disk, others are in their native application software formats and can be downloaded from disk by your browser in their original formats. A few documents are only available from remote sites.

Meeting Overview
Includes abstracts of sessions and links to presentations.

Bibliography of Background Materials and Findings
List of background documents compiled and used by attendees at the Working Meeting. Includes citations to published works as well as full-text access to working materials otherwise not available in published form at the time the meeting occurred.

Index to Bibliography

List of Attendees
Includes biographical and contact information for the fifty-seven researchers who attended the Working Meeting.

CD edited by Kimberly J. Barata for Archives & Museum Informatics, June 1997.

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