April 11-14, 2007
San Francisco, California

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MORITZ: A European mobile media project for historical textile industry museums   go to paper

Christoph Klütsch, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Martin Koplin, Nordwolle Fabrikmuseum and University of Applied Sciences Bremen, Germany
Helmut Eirund, University of Applied Sciences, Germany

The aim of MORITZ (Mobile Tours in European Textile-Industry Centers) is to develop a concept for tours using mobile devices at industrial heritage sites and museums in Europe. To extend each museum’s exhibitions into the various industrial sites and their environments, we’re developing PDA applications which allow visitors to explore each historical site more thoroughly, interact with monuments of industrial heritage and receive multimedia content directly at the site. The innovation lies in the development of both conceptual and technical approaches that are transferable to different sites within the existing European network of textile industry sites along the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH).

An outdoor mobile tour has to weigh the relation between the points of information and the time needed to walk the tour. To be of maximum benefit to the visitor, the information has to be concentrated and bundled. Multiple aspects have to be addressed, focused under a theme of the tour, and related to other places and times. The visitors and each of the museum’s media attain mobility and allow for immediate and intuitive encounter with locations of industrial culture. By crossing barriers of space and time, the mobile medium delivers insights into the past of industrial sites – using historical views of the settings, images of people who have worked in these settings, and explanations and reports referring to contemporary witnesses to characterize commonality with other places.

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Keywords: participation, digital mobile museum tour, transferable methods, PDA, European Textile Industry, Industrial cultural heritage