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Jennifer Trant is a Partner in Archives &Museum Informatics. She consults on digital cultural strategy and collaboration. She blogged, occasionally, here.

She was co-chair of Museums and the Web and ICHIM (the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings), and was Principal Investigator for the research project. She has served on the program committees of the Joint Digital Libraries (JDL) and the Digital Libraries (DL) conferences, the Culture Program Committee of the International World Wide Web Conference, and the Board of the Media and Technology Committee of the American Association of Museums.

Trant was the Executive Director of the Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO) – a ground-breaking, collaborative museum digital library project – from 1997-2005. She was Editor-in-Chief of Archives and Museum Informatics: the cultural heritage informatics quarterly from Kluwer Academic Publishers from 1997-2000. Prior to joining Archives & Museum Informatics in 1997, Jennifer Trant was responsible for Collections and Standards Development at the Arts and Humanities Data Service, King's College, London, England. As Director of Arts Information Management, she consulted regarding the application of technology to the mission of art galleries and museums. Clients included the now closed Getty Information Institute (then the Getty Art History Information Program) for whom she managed the Imaging Initiative, directed the activities of the Museum Educational Site Licensing Project (MESL – the first project to make images from multiple museums available on campus networks), and drafted the report of the Art Information Task Force (AITF), entitled Categories for the Description of Works of Art.

Trant was a PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, where she researched the role of folksonomy in museums. She chose not to submit her dissertation and left the program. See her publications list for the results of that research.

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