April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA


Demos show new museum Web sites and cultural heritage informatics applications up close and provide a chance to speak with their creators.

At MW2010 museum staff members showed sites created in a non-profit environment and explained the workings behind them to their colleagues. Informal demonstration sessions were a chance to see many sites close-up and talk one-on-one with colleagues about their designs and the decisions that went into them.

The Demonstrations were set up in the same space as the Exhibit Hall. Delegates moved from booth to booth for individual discussions with Demonstrators.

Friday April 16, 2010

8:00 am-
9:30 am
Close Up

Imperial Ballroom

Demonstrations – I

A low-budget virtual tour for school groups

Louise Cameron, USA

Publishing Digital Museum Collections on the Web Using the Metadata Assignment and Search Tool

Anne Diekema, Nancy McCracken, USA

Modular Perspectives: Scholar | Explorer | Dreamer: Tate Online's Collection Concept

James Davis, United Kingdom

The CollectionWeb Digital Ecosystems: A Semantic Web and Web 2.0 Framework for generating Museum Web sites

Peter Eklund, Peter Goodall, Fatima Hijazi, Amanda Lawson, Tim Wray, Australia

Combining Memory, Museums and Material Culture-Creating a New Digital Landscape for Naval History

Hill Goodspeed, Karin Hill, Gary Petersen, USA

Design and Development of a Collections Dashboard

Piotr Adamczyk, Michael Twidale, Richard Urban, USA

Museums in the Clouds:

Tom Scheinfeldt, USA

Creativity Resources, an online teacher resource from the Denver Art Museum

Ellen Spangler, , Patterson Williams, USA

Ontario's Small Jewish Communities Virtual Exhibit

Ellen Scheinberg, Canada


Majken Overgaard, Patrik Svensson, Denmark

TAP: A Hybrid CMS-Mobile Tour Architecture for multi-platform interactive content

Daniel Incandela, , Edward Bachta, Rob Stein, USA

Bringing The First World War To Second Life

Christopher Stephens, United Kingdom a wiki-based web site

Dina Helal, Alexandra Nemerov, USA

This Week’s Hidden Treasure: Library of Congress and the History Channel collaborate to showcase collection objects via online curator video

Geraldine Otremba, Lola Pyne, USA

Amgueddfa CMS: the in-house content management system for National Museum Wales

Chris Owen, United Kingdom

Best of the Web Finalists

Best of the Web finalists will be featured in several booths.

10:00 am-
11:30 am
Close Up

Imperial Ballroom

Demonstrations – II

Immersive experiences for museums

Philip Galanter, Carol LaFayette, Fred Parke, USA

Creating 3D Museums on the Web

Stefan Decker, Izabela Irzynska, Jacek Jankowski, Marek Jozwowicz, Bill McDaniel, Ireland

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: Digital Imaging Solutions - Collections Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Sionan Burke, Debra LaKind, USA

Caboodle by Culture24: How to engage children with your collection online in a new way (and how they can engage you in theirs!)

Jane Finnis, Anra Kennedy, Mark Slawinski, United Kingdom

The Digital-Signs in the Map of Mexico 1550

Blanca Acuña, Lily Diaz, Finland

Louis Kahn Trenton Bath House

Vivian Ducat, USA

Sharing Stories: Putting the Illinois State Museum Audio-Video Barn Online

Erich Schroeder, USA

Building an Online Community and Resource for Informal Science Education Professionals

Jeremy Flores, Marti Louw, USA

Place-Royale from Today to Yesterday

Jules Morissette, Canada

Cultural Technology Showcase

Veronica Black, Devyn Dennison, Miriam Langer, Mimi Roberts, USA

ARKive: The Digital Noah's Ark

Merove Heifetz, USA

Use of webcam-based eye-tracking for museum outreach & research

Slavko Milekic, Matthew Miller, Gareth Roberts, USA

Exhibitions enhanced by AR technology: Exploring new visions with widely available iPhone and its application

Junko Iwabuchi, Japan Continuing the Library of Congress Experience

Lola Pyne, Robert Sokol, USA

Best of the Web Finalists

Best of the Web finalists will be featured in several booths.

3:30 pm-
5:00 pm
Close Up

Imperial Ballroom

Demonstrations - III

doppelgänger: the National Portrait Gallery of Australia's Second Life experience

Gillian Raymond, Australia

In Defense of the Casual Game

James Harold, Brad McLain, USA

Concept Maps for Online Exhibits: Using SpicyNodes

Greg Ligierko, , Michael Douma, Joseph Romano, USA

Polynesian Navigation: Communicating Oral Tradition Through a 3-D Immersive Interactive

David Beck, USA

SmartVisit: integrating the online and on-site experience

Steven Beasley, Scott Beveridge, USA

Museum Victoria's Collections Online: a visual approach

Timothy Hart, Australia

Using Ning to create a teacher community of inquiry at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Angie McNew, USA

Wellcome Collection: Explore

Danny Birchall, United Kingdom

Interconnections: STEM Learning Through the Lens of a Virtual 3D 1964/65 New York World's Fair Environment

Charles Hughes, Eileen Smith, Lori Walters, USA

A Voice for Freedom: The McCormick Freedom Project's Social Media Experiment

Kelli Landes, Jamie Loo, USA

Farallones Webcam

Kathi Koontz, USA

Dulwich OnView: A museum blog run by the community for the community

Alison H.Y. Liu, Taiwan, Ingrid Beazley, Jonathan Bowen, Sarah McDaid, United Kingdom

Augmented Reality for Interpretive and Experiential Learning

Karen Elinich, USA

On-site digital learning programs at the British Museum and the V&A

Shelley Mannion, Lorna O'Brien, United Kingdom

The Real, the Virtual & the Local

Gunnar Liestøl, Norway

Best of the Web Finalists

Best of the Web finalists will be featured in several booths.